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Ben Ecclestone

Ben is a self employed visual artist: illustrating, designing, painting. His work is strongly based on the human figure in motion with references to contemporary dance, athletics and gymnastics. Ben cites his early influences to be the work of Dr Francis Schaeffer and Professor Hans Rookmaaker, and influences on his painting and graphic work of Ron Kitaj, Keith Vaughan, Hughie O'Donoghue.

Some of Ben's illustration work can be seen in books by Adrian Plass 'Learning to Fly' and 'Words from the Cross'; and poetry book 'Urban Angel' by Stewart Henderson and Penelope Wilcock. His paintings can be seen on the following websites:
Artists Unique
Artists and Makers
Made In Sussex
Fine Art Company

Ben has been a member of the Arts Centre Group for many years and has served on the Board of ACG. He lives in East Sussex and is co-founder of CAFÉ, a regional Gathering of the ACG.