AAUK 2020 Residency Award Winner Announced

"Memorial monument of forced displacement of Koreans in Gunma Prefecture" © Yoshio Shirakawa

AAUK 2020 Residency Award Winner Announced

Image: “Memorial monument of forced displacement of Koreans in Gunma Prefecture”  copyright Yoshio Shirakawa.


Art Action UK is a collective of artists, curators, gallerists and writers who are exploring various means to show solidarity and support for people who have been affected by natural and manmade disasters.  The 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and subsequent Fukushima nuclear fallout has been the catalyst for Art Action UK.  Over the last few years AAUK has invited an artist from Japan to reflect on this issue.

Kaori Homma, ACG member and director of Art Action UK writes:

“This year we have received our largest number of proposals and they have been of a very high standard.  From this group we are delighted to announce that we have selected artist Yoshio Shirakawa.

Shirakawa has been based in Gunma, a regional city north of Tokyo, after returning from his study in art and philosophy in France and Germany in the 1970’s.  His practice has been focused around marginalised communites, and his activities are regarded as a precursor to today’s multiculturalist and participatory practices in Japan.

During his residency in the UK, Shirakawa will be sharing his first hand experience of the current socio-political climate of Japan, asking how the potent conjuncture of the Post Fukushima and Pre Olympic context is impacting arts and culture”.

For more information and to keep an eye on AAUK’s programme of events visit their website here