About Us

The vision of Arts Centre Group is to support artists in every arts discipline in integrating faith, life and artistic endeavour.

We are a Christian organisation, which is non- denominational and draws members from every arts discipline.

The life style of creative people is often unstructured, solitary and transient and in our current culture that is shifting and global, relationships with the church community can be difficult to sustain.

This is particularly true of artists who work unsociable hours, find themselves on tour or are away from home for extended periods and have to contend with inconsistent work opportunities.

We have a remit to nurture, support and encourage our members to explore both their artistic goals and their Christian faith, and offers a variety of means for them to interact and connect.

We are committed to enabling and empowering members to grapple with issues of faith and spirituality. For the artist who regularly engages with moral issues and questions of integrity it provides a forum of safety from which to explore and debate.