Become A Member


You are eligible to join the ACG as a professional member if your career is in arts or media, or you are a member of a professional arts body (e.g. Equity, Musicians Union). Professional membership costs £25 pa with a requested donation of £25 if able.


You are eligible to be a friend of ACG if you wish to support, pray for or encourage Christians working in the arts. Membership as a Friend costs £25 pa with a requested donation of £25 if able.


You are eligible for group membership if you are for example a theatre/dance company or a band. Group membership costs £50 pa



For professional members and friends who live outside the United Kingdom. Overseas rate (does not apply to Groups) is £35 pa. Use the appropriate application form above.


You are eligible for the student rate if you are currently studying on a full or part-time course affiliated with a recognized college or university. (A photocopy of student ID is required). Student rate is £25 pa

All memberships run Jan – Dec

(fees will be pro rata if joining mid year)


ACG sources its income from members fees and generous donations and we welcome general or specific donations towards our work. You may make a donation by credit or debit card on this page.

Application forms

Download links:

Application form for Professional membership

Application form for Friends membership

Application form for Student membership

You may pay your subscription using the credit or debit card Donate facility.

GIFT AID: The UK Government’s rules on Gift Aid mean we can only reclaim income tax back on donations and not subscriptions. If you wish to make a donation and would like us to be able to claim Gift Aid then please contact the office for a Gift Aid form.