In Prayer

Artists & actors meeting in dressing rooms to pray; walking the streets of the West End and praying; pursuing a deeper relationship with God whilst being fully committed to their gifting. Many were pressured by the church to give up their gifting…. 

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In Hope

All ACG members remember our journey according to where our home has been. 

Arts Centre Group was established with our first home at Nigel and Gilly’s in Hornton Place and thence to Short Street around the corner from the Old Vic. Late night after show events took place for prayer and collaborations which inspired Greenbelt, Riding Lights, Springs, Upstream Theatre Co. A major feature was our Christmas celebration, held yearly at All Souls Church on the last Friday before Christmas at 11pm so all the theatre folk could come & bring their cast members. Of course the cast on stage was always top billing.

In Love

30 years on, now at Vere St with LICC and more collaborations, celebrations and prayer. By now other Christian arts organisations were being established and links were forged. The young ones of the 1970s were now leaders in their fields and sort to give back via a Mentoring programme, the ACG Lectures and through various productions. Prayer with corporate and personal support was always a feature.

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In Service

40 years on, now at the Menier Chocolate Factory with our events at Café Eterno, Covent Garden, and the lives and careers of hundreds, perhaps thousands of artists having been affected by this Group which has sort to encourage all Christians who wish to pursue a career in any field of the arts, to remain in the Centre of their calling – fully committed.

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In Expectation

Still at the Menier and challenged by the counter Christian attitude of our culture, we are looking forward to bringing more influence to the arts world and to grappling with issues of faith and culture and encouraging more and more artists to shine whilst not being afraid to ask questions, and go deeper.  Onwards …..

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