Janet Randell – Dance Guide / Film

Janet Randell – Dance Guide / Film

Janet Randell, choreographer and teacher with The Cedar Dance Theatre is currently concentrating on projects with Cedar Dance Animations.  Her latest venture, The Tutorial Guide to Dance Forms, aims to encourage dancers and choreographers to explore virtual dance, which is especially relevant under current circumstances when many dancers are isolated.                                                       To get a taste of virtual dance, visit here

Since mid-March Janet has been directing a series of weekly films A Chronicle of Spring, which offer a calm interlude for people including those working on the Coronavirus ‘front-line’, support services as well as those who are self-isolating, alone or have lost loved ones.

Each film is presented from the perspective of a wheelchair user following a winding access through a wild wood that is emerging from winter.  The films in the series are envisaged as a poetic presentation of the development of nature along a rural path, viewed through the lens of the camera during the season of spring.  As the films progress, they mark key events along the Western Calendar, and are intended as a contemplative view of the current unprecedented situation regarding the Coronavirus world pandemic.  Each film varies in mood from light and meditative to more intense and includes extracts from prose, poems or the Bible. The films are intended for the enjoyment of all, as a way of focusing on renewal and regrowth.  They can be seen here

Janet writes: “I have been privileged to observe the complex choreography of nature following the transformation from field, site of an ancient woodland, into a replanted new wood, and to study the development of this arboreal habitat. I designed and envisaged the project through the eyes of a choreographer, as a series of dynamic woodland scenes, with the trees and shrubs each playing their part, so to speak, in the interactive live dramatic scenario.  Chronicling the parallel interconnectivity between trees, plants, shrubs and wildlife linked by the winding path, the film is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of all teamwork in care and voluntary work in this time of crisis throughout the UK and the world.  When Coronavirus becomes a distant memory, it is hoped that the films will remain a lasting chronicle of the dance of Spring.

My personal message of hope  during this time of global  pandemic is that although I became critically ill in 1991, God  has continued to provide  throughout the years.  He has  enabled me to continue to glorify  him through the beauty and power  of dance and movement.”