Comments from previous participating artists

"Thank you for all that you guys do to share and push me to a stronger practice."

"I have enjoyed getting to know other professional artists in London through ACG. The conversations have impacted me professionally on a variety of levels."

"I found it really encouraging and reviving, as though new life was being breathed into me. It emphasised the vital importance of an audience for the solitary Christian artist."

"The programme was well balanced in terms of teaching input, small group sessions, individual mentoring and time to relax and talk to others."

"The meetings are a real blessing. Speaking with other Christian artists helps me to formulate my own ideas about creating and the culture in which we create."

"It was so good to be in such an open and supportive atmosphere again, to be amongst fellow Christians and artists, so thank you for the opportunity."

"As usual it provided much for me to chew on as a writer, and as a Christian. Can't really get enough of it."

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