Mentoring Articles

These articles were originally published in the ACG Mentoring Project Handbook, editted by Michael Gough, ACG Mentoring Project coordinator 2000-03:
"The ... articles are on subjects that seemed to resonate most strongly with the regular participants. The authors all have hands-on familiarity with the themes they are tackling. This isn’t a collection of high aspirations and untested ideas written from ivory towers, this is a collection of honest, raw and pragmatic insight that has been refined and shaped by daily experience."

These articles are available in the member’s area. Alternatively, you may contact the office to enquire about purchasing the Mentoring Handbook, price £3.50 plus postage.

Engaging With Our Divided Culture

 by David Porter

You’ll often find the distinction made between ‘low’ (or ‘popular’) culture and ‘high’ culture. In popular culture, the audience is a mass audience and its knowledge is largely informal: in high culture it’s small and usually has some expertise in whatever the culture is dealing with.

Hope and Faithfulness

 by Wade Bradshaw

Hope and faithfulness can be enemies. So if contemporary artists are interested in pursuing hope in their lives and through their work, they can also become enemies of faithfulness. But how can two such good words become pitted against one another, tearing at one another and competing for our devotion?

Pursuing Excellence In Your Craft

 by Hilary Brand

An oft-repeated story is told about the Japanese painter Hokusai. Once a great nobleman asked him for a painting of a rooster. He agreed, telling him to come back in a week.

Handling Success in the Arts and Media

 by Carrie Grant

When given this title to write about, it immediately raises the issue of ’What is success?’

Handling Rejection in the Arts and Media

 by David Grant

Rejection has nothing but negative connotations. It’s the thing all artists fear for their work and with good reason. Who wants to give birth to an idea, painting, sculpture, play, poem (fill in your own blanks) and have it turned down, ridiculed or worse still simply ignored?

Creating and Managing Opportunities in the Performing Arts

  by Sue Beresford

The various challenges for anyone going into the performing arts in the 21st century are not much changed from those I faced when I joined the acting profession 30 years ago.

Creating and Managing Opportunities in the Visual Arts

 by Diana Hudson

’When it comes to the future there are three kinds of people. Those who let it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened?’ JM Richardson Jnr

Creating and Managing Opportunities in Broadcasting

 by John Forrest

Work on networking. Most media companies will do their best to ensure that nepotism or relying on ‘who you know’ - is officially against the rules, but in practice there is still a lot of it about. Getting into the media is all about who you know, what you have already done and being in the right place at the right time.

A Biblical Vision For The Arts

 by Andrew Jones

’All art is quite useless’ is Oscar Wilde’s assessment. Wilde sums up the feelings of many towards the artist. Mainstream society often views the artist as a parasite who should get a ’proper job’.

The Importance of Belonging to a Christian Community

 by Vincent Buchanan

'Community' is a vague term that has a broad meaning. My dictionary has ten different interpretations of the word ranging from 'the public in general' to 'a monastic order'.

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