Nigel Goodwin is a missionary to the Arts. Whilst a successful actor in the 1960's Nigel was called into a ministry of encouraging and counselling those working in the arts, media and entertainment industries and received the original vision for what would become the Arts Centre Group. He continues his ministry today through the Genesis Arts Trust and continues to be a guiding light to the ACG as Patron

Sir Cliff Richard is by far this country's most enduring pop star. He began his career in 1958 releasing the UK's first rock and roll record 'Move It'. In 1966 he announced his conversion to Christianity at a Billy Graham crusade and has sought to integrate his life of faith with his love of music ever since. Cliff is a founder member of the Arts Centre Group and continues to support the work of ACG as Patron.

Carrie and David Grant started their careers as a dancer and singer respectively and continued to work in a variety of roles in the media and entertainment industries. They are probably most widely known as vocal coaches (Fame Academy, Pop Idol) and together have nurtured, inspired and trained a vast number famous and aspiring performers. Carrie and David have been members of the ACG for more than 20 years and continue to support the organisation as Patrons.

The Rt Revd Michael Baughen was ordained as deacon in 1956 and priest in 1957. He soon realised the tremendous power of the performing arts and was led to produce 'Youth Praise' in the 1960's - a publication that contained youth songs for Christian Youth Groups. By the time Revd Baughen was appointed as Rector of All Souls Church in 1970 there were many more Christians involved in the arts. "It is my privilege to be a Patron of this vital and dynamic group to the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."