Painted Reminiscences by David Crees – Third Prize

Tracing paper with grey outlines

rough sketches

water colour moments blend in time

pastels my etchings


thumbnails so dirty with home made mud pies

is childhood a fallacy

that far distant place where the sun always shines

outgrown that infancy


sepia pictures that the memory files

advent inventory’s

those hand made Christmases oh how time flies

tins full of Cadburys


the smudge of lost calendar circled highlights

longings for yesterdays

let our faith be our colourist

a palette and brush full of glee


retouch all the things that you missed

pray for time to be un-siezed

back up those pictures soon I insist

perspective moments agree


boarders and margins that hang in the mist

charcoal reliefs

burned from the heart rings of yesterdays bliss

those moments the artist depicts



Copyright David Crees 2018