Susanne Scott – Save Our Zoos Campaign

Susanne Scott – Save Our Zoos Campaign

Susanne Scott has started a campaign to save the zoos of the UK:

During the current coronavirus pandemic, Susanne has had an overwhelming realisation that something had to be done to save the Zoos in our country from collapse (and from becoming mass grave yards).  Many years ago she wrote a compilation of Songs & Poems for London Zoo and has been inspired to use it for this purpose.

Psalm 36.6 ‘Your righteousness is like the highest mountains, Your justice like the great deep. You, Lord. Preserve both people and animals.’

Susanne writes:

Thinking laterally, I have taken the main song, ‘The Cat Walk’, and created a website aimed at children and their families who are the main audience which Zoo websites target.  Thus I propose to give people across the whole nation the opportunity to join together in a national effort to create a national fund which will mean that no Zoo is forced to close.  This is a song which can be sung by young & old; a song which celebrates the animals themselves; a song which connects empathetically both children & adults with the wild animals in our midst and which gives everyone not only a means of helping but the satisfaction of a united effort.  People really want to do something and this gives everyone an opportunity which is both effective, fun and positive.

We all know the power of a SONG!

And so I give you – THE CAT WALK CHALLENGE    ( #thecatwalk ) .     Go to the website here      It’s all there.

(This Fund is not intended to replace or displace the fundraising being run by the various Zoos across the UK.  It is intended to be a major stop gap available to all Zoos at the time of need.)

It is possible to overcome a dire situation with one nationwide effort.


 Susanne is a singer/song writer and retired teacher and former Chair of Arts Centre Group.

‘Lovely, attractive and importantly simple website. Good luck Susanne, awareness, publicity and distribution networks are going to be the key to success, everything else seems to be in place.  A good PR on it would do the trick. Sharon ‘  Sharon Ament, Director, Museum Of London.