Tony Jasper Reviews book about War Reporter, Marie Colvin

Tony Jasper Reviews book about War Reporter, Marie Colvin

Sunday Times war correspondent, Marie Colvin, was the subject of the biopic,  ‘A Private War’, one of the films chosen recently for an ACG Movie Night outing.   Now she is the subject of a new book, reviewed here by ACG Director and Actor/Theatre Director/Writer, Tony Jasper.


Here I am on a sunny morning, with St. Michael’s Mount in my vision.  I am ploughing my way through In Extremis – The Life of War Correspondent Marie Colvin by Lindsey Hilsum (Chatto & Windus. £20).

It’s a disturbing read.  She gives flesh to the famous war photographer, Robert Capa’s maxim, ‘If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.’ It says much about this remarkable woman,  who cheated death so constantly that it seemed as if perhaps it didn’t exist – perhaps she believed until one fateful day.

This book tells those who will hear and see, that somewhere, some place, as we sing with sweetness ‘All things right and Beautiful,’ elsewhere,  and continually, God’s world is scarred and bloodied, mostly by men,  but the guns have to be laid down because………..conversely this extraordinary woman like other less known journalists tells the world of how  “militiamen would shout across the front line that they were going to starve the camp and then storm in and slaughter everyone.”  They were there.  Telling us.

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