"I think if you start using lots of colour it's hard to stop. It is so generous, reliable, often humorous and makes a very good companion."     Ted Litchfield

Report of an exhibition of artwork by

Alex Zvi, Alice Robertson, Douglas Rickard, Esther Jervis, Kaori Homma, Luci Metcalfe, Rachel Woods, Sharon Wyper and Ted Litchfield

Venue: The Departure 649 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London E14 7LW
Nearest Tube: Limehouse DLR
Buses: N15

Tuesday, 26th June to Saturday, 14th July 2007

Vivid was a collective exhibition, reflecting a diverse nature of practices involved in the ACG Mentoring Scheme: some still in the early stages of their journey as an artist; others perhaps a little more weathered. The boundary between the artist mentees and artist mentors in this exhibition was deliberately blurred, as it is the nature of the ACG Mentoring Scheme to rely on the sharing of experiences, rather than any particular method of teaching / coaching. Each artist has a commitment towards their own discipline and also towards their own spiritual journey.

Vivid aimed to offer viewers a taste of current art practice without the feeling of alienation. The works selected for this exhibition collectively reflected the celebratory aspect of the visual language, as well as the inclusive nature of the ACG Mentoring Scheme's approach towards arts, questioning and exploring what really constitutes art in a wider context.

Jason Blackwood, one of the mentees, is a photographer and journalist and took various photos which reflect the exhibition as a whole and the preview night in particular click here to see for yourself.

Vivid was placed in a building open to people who may not have ventured out to see art work before, particularly in this part of East London. However with more galleries opening, this area is becoming increasingly 'arty' and through Vivid ACG Mentoring hoped to bring a rich visual experience to the viewers but also offer a glimpse of the "tug of war" each artist might be experiencing through the making of their works.

Vivid was sponsored by Departure and ACG Mentoring.

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